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  1. Van Beurden & Choy Advocaten is the trade name under which the lawyers mr. R.R.G.M. van Beurden through his practice company, the private limited company under Dutch law mr. R.G.M. van Beurden B.V. (Chamber of Commerce: 24323732), hereinafter “Van Beurden” and mr. C. Choy as sole proprietorship (Chamber of Commerce: 71922202), hereinafter: “Choy”, jointly practice the legal profession. Every assignment is exclusively accepted and executed either by Van Beurden or by Choy and always and in any case subject to these general terms and conditions.
  1. Van Beurden and Choy each have their own professional liability insurance. In that context, any liability beyond the own risk amount is limited to the amount paid out under the professional liability insurance taken out either by Van Beurden or by Choy. If the provisions of the first sentence of this article should not apply for whatever reason, liability is always limited to a maximum of the fee charged for the assignment, in the context of which the damage was caused, to a maximum of € 5,000.
  1. The client is only entitled to address either Van Beurden or Choy up to the amount stated in Article 2 above. Any claim for compensation against current or former employees, lawyers, partners, shareholders, professional companies, advisers and directors of practice companies in which certain partners carry out their activities is excluded, while in all cases the liability will never amount to more than as mentioned in Article 2.
  1. When executing assignments, Van Beurden and / or Choy can engage third parties at its own discretion. Where reasonably appropriate, Van Beurden and / or Choy will consult with client when engaging third parties, and in any case exercise due care when selecting third parties. Neither Van Beurden nor Choy are liable for shortcomings of these third parties and are entitled to accept (general) terms and conditions, including any limitation of liability on the part of third parties engaged by (one of) them, without prior consultation with client (also) on behalf of client.
  1. Van Beurden and Choy process personal data of (contact persons of) their clients in the context of (the execution of) their services and to comply with legal obligations. In addition, Van Beurden and Choy can (by request or otherwise) send information about their products or services (such as newsletters and invitations) by post, e-mail or otherwise, or contact clients by telephone. To the extent necessary, it is assumed that electronic contact details made available by (a contact person of) client to Van Beurden and / or Choy are also intended and disclosed for the transfer of unsolicited communications for marketing purposes. You can object to the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes and / or the (further) receipt of (certain) marketing information at any time by sending a request for termination to Van Beurden and / or Choy.
  1. The legal relationship between client and either Van Beurden or Choy, as well as those whose services are used, is subject to Dutch law. Any disputes will only be settled by the competent court in The Hague. Claims for damages become time-barred if they have not been brought to justice within a year of discovery.
  1. Not only Van Beurden and / or Choy, but also the natural or legal persons referred to in Article 4 can invoke these general conditions.
  1. Van Beurden and Choy have a complaints procedure. Unresolved complaints can be submitted to the competent court.
  1. Van Beurden can receive third-party funds because Van Beurden has a third-party funds foundation.
  1. Choy does not receive third-party funds because he does not have a third-party funds foundation.
  1. Van Beurden and Choy can mutually replace each other or observe their respective practices.